Our Approach

Community Building has always been a key element of our work at RHI, recognizing the need to address systemic issues facing the neighborhood alongside our youth development approach. 

Our work focuses on addressing the racial and ethnic inequities that perennially persist across the Red Hook Houses community. These inequities intersect with the systems of housing, education, policing, and health care, deeply impacting the members of the Red Hook Houses community which RHI has served historically and will continue to serve.


Hear from Youth Organizers Brianna Lewis and Daniel Rodriguez on what their NYCHA homes mean to them. Watch NYCHA is HOME

What We Do

Community Organizing

Our academy offers dynamic workshops, mentorship programs, and real-world experiences designed to equip changemakers with the essential skills and confidence to lead impactful campaigns and mobilize communities effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or just starting your journey, our platform provides the tools and support you need to make a tangible difference. Join us in cultivating the next generation of passionate advocates and driving forward a more just and equitable future. Explore our programs and join the movement today!

Red Hook Houses residents can sign up for Organizing Academy by emailing Tevina Willis at tevina@rhicenter.org

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Community Resources

The Community Resource team supports Red Hook residents 25 and older with referrals for health services, employment support, and does direct enrollment in benefits like SNAP, One Shot Deals, and free broadband. The team can also help with housing repair issues and let you know about your rights as a NYCHA tenant. Due to support from the Gerstner Foundation. RHI distributes grants to pay bills for community members who have an emergency such as an illness, flooding or major utility outage, fire, or loss of employment.

To reach the Community Resource Team email michel’le@rhicenter.org

Community Resource Hours

Environmental Justice

Over the past year, we have been working diligently to spread awareness about our air monitoring initiative to the community members, youth, and stakeholders. Our efforts include educational programming, community outreach, and in-school visits. We organize conversations and events to discuss the issues of air quality in the Red Hook community and introduce air monitors as a tool for measuring and documenting local hazards.

E-mail Carolyn Ferguson at carolyn@rhicenter.org to get involved and to stay updated on the project.

Red Hook Action For Clean Air Initiative

The Red Hook Community Health Network

The Red Hook Community Health Network (RHCHN) is a network of community-based organizations and health partners working to improve the health of Red Hook residents by expanding access to health services and organizing to address root causes of health disparities of the community.

Community members can join the Network and get involved in our health advocacy work by emailing kara@rhicenter.org

Read the Health Needs & Assets Assessment