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Directory of Resources for Incarcerated Young Adults

RHI is committed to the long term fight for against incarceration, and against the targeting of youth of color by the NYPD and other policing entities.

For our incarcerated, or formerly incarcerated brothers and sisters, seeking additional support services, please see this list below composed by our Public Safety Program.

Independent Legal Counsel 

Health Support

Housing and Re-entry Support

  • Boom! Health Harm Reduction Center – Syringe access, support/counseling advocacy/activism, case management, HIV Primary Care, housing placement assistance, peer training, HIV testing, support & education Groups, LGBTQ programming, outreach to sex workers. Meals, showers, clothing, laundry, and a safe space. Accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and patients with no insurance coverage. Accepts walk-ins. Call: (718) 295-2666
  • Brooklyn Community Housing Services – BCGS is committed to ending homelessness in Brooklyn. We provide housing and services for more than 1,000 formerly homeless and at-risk children, women and men each year. We help them learn how to live productively and independently, with dignity and with hope. Email: or call: (718) 625-4545
  • Cases – Provides community-based alternatives to jail and prision. These programs address urgent needs, including hunger and shelter and support clients to improve mental health, address substance use and achieve employment and career goals. Call: (212) 533-6300
  • Center for Community Alternatives – Provides daily supervision to youth and reminds youth of their responsibility to report to court. Assistance applying for Certificates of Rehabilitation (including Certificates of Relief from Disabilities and Certificates of Good Conduct). Licensed outpatient substance use treatment program, which serves individuals impacted by the criminal legal system in New York City. Engages young adults 16-24 in subsidized community benefit projects. Call: (718) 858-9658
  • The Doe Fund – Provides a working way home for men with long histories of incarceration, homelessness and unemployment.
  • Getting Out Staying Out (GOSO) – The most effective reentry programs in the New York City area for 16 to 24 year-old, justice-involved men. Reducing recidivism through Education, Employment and Emotional Well-Being. Supportive counseling, educational support, vocational training and workforce development. Email: or Call: (212) 831-5020
  • HOPE Empowers New Yorkers To Build Sustainable Futures – Through comprehensive training, jobs, advancement and lifelong career support. Our comprehensive approach combines training, adult basic education, industry certifications, work wellness services, internships, job placements with long-term support. As a result, our job retention rates are among the highest in the field. Our graduates’ success drives strong results for employers, supporters and our community. Call: (347) 773-4623
  • Hour Children – Hour Children is a leading provider of services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women in New York State. Focused on women and their children, we support families during a mother’s incarceration and help families get back on their feet upon release. Call: (718) 433-4724
  • John Jay College Initiative – College Initiative’s three pillars—academic counseling, peer mentoring, and community support—help students grow as learners and as leaders: Academic Counseling, Peer Mentoring, and Community Support. If you are interested in joining the College Initiative community, click here to complete the expression of interest form. If you are interested in College Initiative but do not currently have a high school diploma or HSE/GED, click here to learn more about the Institute’s HSE Connect.
  • Man Up! Inc. mission is to serve urban neighborhoods as a multi-cultural, social service agency for neighborhood improvement and for the complete understanding of emergency preparedness. The mission has further grown into providing youth, community, housing, job development programs and services to distressed communities. Call: (718) 498-2320
  • The Fortune Society – The Fortune Society’s mission is to support successful reentry from incarceration and promote alternatives to incarceration, thus strengthening the fabric of our communities. Call: (212) 691-7554 or contact via email at
  • Project Renewal – Housing, outreach, healthcare, substance use treatment, mental health, and employment services for adults over the age of 18. Shelter-based dentistry and primary care. Accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and patients with no insurance coverage. Call: (212) 620-0340
  • Second Chance Re-entry: FIIRE Program – Provides opportunities for individuals with incarceration experiences to build self-esteem, combat stigma, and reduce recidivism through civil participation and leadership mentoring. You can apply here
  • The Door – A Center For Alternatives – Education and employment service, legal services, arts, daily meals, sexual health and birth control, primary care, dental, OB/GYN, sports and recreational activities for those aged 12-24. Call for an appointment at (212) 453-0222 or contact via email
  • Women’s Prison Association – Empower women who face injustice and incarceration. They offer support, shelters for women experiencing homelessness, HIV testing and education, emergency assistance, legal services and more. call (646) 292-7740 or contact via email at

Community Engagement 

  • Business & Entrepreneur Training Center located at 530 Sutter Ave, Brooklyn NY 11207. Call (718) 483-9626
  • Cora Dance – Creates exceptional dance experiences while addressing barriers that restrict individuals from accessing the art form. Cora programs foster diverse people finding common ground, allowing all involved — artists, students, audiences and community members — to authentically connect through art.
  • Job Development Center located at 799 Van Siclen Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11207. Call (718) 484-0221
  • Red Hook Art Project – RHAP’s mission is rooted in the conviction that creative self-expression is a transformative experience that enriches individuals and communities. Call (347) 889-4089
  • Red Hook Redemption Church – Food Pantry – 27 Huntington Street, every Thursday from 10am-12pm. Contact via email at
  • The Peoples Store – Run by the organizing collective, For Our Liberation. Occurs Tuesdays until 6pm at 398 Van Brunt. Only for Red Hook NYCHA Residents. Get involved with For Our Liberation, fill out the contact form


Camba Adult Shelters CAMBA’s Single Adult Shelters offer meals, 24/7 security, and on-site comprehensive services including case management, housing assistance, creative arts therapy, and medical and psychiatric services. Residents have access to a trauma informed workforce that develops an individualized service plan to meet their immediate needs and partners with the residents to find the most appropriate permanent housing setting as quickly as possible.

  • Atlantic House Men’s Shelter Brooklyn, NY 11233 (718) 385-8713
  • Broadway House Women’s Shelter Brooklyn, NY 11221 (718) 453-4870)
  • Magnolia House Women’s Shelter Brooklyn, NY 11233 (718) 675-3353
  • Opportunity House Men’s Shelter Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 797-0285
  • Park Slope Women’s Shelter Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 369-7226
  • Rising Up Men’s Shelter Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 797-0285

Kianga Houses transitional family shelter located in the Crown Heights community of Brooklyn, NY and is sponsored by the Brooklyn Neighborhood Improvement Association. Residents generally consist of 17 young women, 18-24 years of age, who are pregnant or parenting one infant. Contact: (718) 953-2788
Trinity Community Connection a Homeless shelter info for LBGQT Youth. 164 West 100th Street, New York, New York 10025. Contact (646) 580-7045

Resource Guides and Fact Sheets 

Health Care Coverage Options for Incarcerated people– This webpage on explains all of the available health care coverage options for incarcerated or recently released individuals.  

Incarcerated and Recently Released Customers Guide– This guide explains eligibility of incarcerated or recently released adults for health care coverage in the Marketplace, Medicaid, and Medicare.  

What You Need to Know about COVID-19 If You Are Incarcerated/Detained – CDC COVID-19 fact sheet for individuals in prisons, jails or detention facilities

A Guide to Finding Housing After Incarceration – Finding a home after being released from prison is paramount, and maintaining that housing is equally important. Lack of proper housing contributes to the statistic that around two-thirds of returning citizens are arrested within just three years of reentry.

Public Housing for People with Criminal Histories:  Fact sheet from the Vera Institute of Justice with policies and community examples of how PHAs can expand access to housing for people with criminal records.

An Affordable Home on Re-entry: This guide from the National Housing Law Project provides information regarding eligibility and the application process for federal assisted housing for individuals who have been incarcerated and how to advocate for changes. What to Do if a Family Member is Arrested: A friend or close family member has been arrested—now what? What are their rights? What are your rights? What can you do to help them, especially if they struggle with an illness, disability or mental health issue?